An act of kindness.

An accident!

A surprising friendship.

A girl named Petunia.

A little worm named Herman, with a huge heart and equally big appetite.

Children's author Sam Baker (age 95 at this publish) created a fabulous story for children everywhere! 

You will laugh out loud at the adventures and mishaps of this creative worm who can’t seem to find a friend until he meets Petunia. Then, watch what unfolds! The magic will inspire you!



About Sam Baker

As a youngster of 10, Sam Baker used to take the large green worms he found crawling on the dill plants in his families backyard and feed them until they entered the Puma stage and watched them become beautiful butterflies. Later he told stories to his children that evolved into the book "The Silly Adventures of Petunia and Herman the Worm." 


Sam Baker was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, now the home of the blues, where he fell in love with nature and Scouting, becoming an Eagle Scout in 1939.  After obtaining his engineering degree from Mississippi State, he joined the Marine Corps and was sent to the South Pacific during World War II. After the war, he became an Ensign in The Coast and Geodetic Survey (now The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA). His adventures included flying over the North Pole in 1951 and being stationed in Cape Canaveral Florida during the early days of the space program when America sent its first astronauts, starting with John Glen, into space.  



It was during this time that his children, Sally and Mike asked him to tell them bedtime stories. 

He has always been quite the storyteller! Those nightly tales evolved into "The Silly Adventures of  Petunia and Herman the Worm."


Sam's career has taken him across the country many times, and out of the country for precise surveying talks. His final move with NOAA was to Washington DC as the Director of the National Geodetic Survey where he created many new programs including an educational program for the staff and surveyors throughout the United States and their counterpoints in Europe. Retiring with 30 years of service, Sam worked for Brookhaven National Laboratories, on a fusion project, retiring from that project to become the world's first GPS salesman. After retiring to Scottsdale AZ, Sam, at 95 is on his fifth career as an author of children's books.


About Ann Roetzel Hess 


A life long artist and native of Frederick, MD, Ann was born in 1957 to talented parents who nurtured her artistic gifts by providing encouragement, supplies and education. Ann remembers her mother passing on her love of reading by taking her on frequent trips to the local library. So many children's picture books – more than Ann's little arms could carry!!


Ann received her B.F.A. and art teaching certification grades K-12 in 1979 at Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU), with additional study at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Hood College and Georgetowne University.


She has served as an elementary and secondary art teacher in public and private schools, as well as with preschoolers and adults with disabilities.

Ann's paintings, public art, pet portraits, masks and photos have been widely displayed and are in collections across the U.S.. Her illustrations have been published in books, posters and newsletters, and she has been an asst. curator of a hospital women's art gallery since 2014.

Married since 1996 to educator/musician/writer Steve Hess, who is the love of her life and father of her two adopted adult sons, Dan and Jake. Of note is that Steve modeled for Mr. Wilson – a character in The Silly Adventures of Petunia and Herman The Worm. She is eternally grateful for his support of all of her art projects.

Mr. Sam Baker's invitation to illustrate this book gave her a debut into the wonderful world of children's literature. She is delighted about this new chapter in her career.



"Sam Baker's new book 'The Silly Adventures of Petunia and Herman the Worm' is a timeless story of a parsley worm who morphs into a butterfly, written by a 95-year-old gifted storyteller. This book captured my heart and my mind! I had to go look up if a worm can actually become a butterfly, and, yes, this one worm does. So then, I was enamored and I still am with this heart-felt book that shows kindness, joy and change is infinitely possible."



The vibrancy in this book, between the story of Herman and Petunia and the artwork, adds to the connection between my kids and I as we read it.   It lends to conversations that are door openers in my family.   

T McCallam

mom and business owner 

Beyond This Reality, inc

I love this book!  Herman shows me that I can do anything.  It is fun to read with my dad.  


Avid Reader - 8 yrs old 



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